• An erection of a Tapir in zoo. It is strange cock lol but he is very huuuuggge ( and pink xD ) He is probably interesting lol :)

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    holy fuck! and here i thought the stallions had the big ones!

    sxfn15, posted

    where can i buy a tapir ? what a cock ! ! man,that would be insanely good,having that in me all the way to his balls. imagine how the flare would feel.oh hell,my cock is dripping like a tap at the thought of it.

    twofootcock, posted

    That would be inside of me if I saw that!! Very large cock and great flare too. I wonder how much cum he would squirt out of that thing!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    omg a Tapir with 5 legs

    Gahadux, posted

    OMG! Love Tapirs! Wild Cocks!!!

    Adonia, posted

    Awesome head flare. If he ever puts that into anyone, it's not coming out until he's done and deflates!

    Zrotpar, posted

    good movie

    ishtiaqahmed111, posted

    fuck thats amazing imagine knotting with that you would definatly br fasterned together mmm

    capriman, posted

    papa whats that....its one helluva flare babe the biggest you will ever see and thats why i am filming it, for prosperity,s sake.

    pondlife, posted

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