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    Lion Licks Lioness


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    A lion licks a sleeping lionesses pussy. She seems to be too tired to bother. According to his reaction the pussy is either exhilerating or too niffy for the king... What do you think?

    Uploaded by FelineLover · Rating: 3.8 (4 votes) · 5403 views


    lion fleming like a horse? sexy!

    Fantasy20, posted

    Loved that! Then afterwards, he was all cheesin'!

    curvywithcurls, posted

    hi there nice. vidoes of you anyhow.. i love that .. and actually i have german pit bull, k9 and snake. and i love fucking with them. and im sorry that i didnt .. exposed anything on here due to my public safety if u want to see my vidoes and see my pets fucking on it.. just hit me in my yawhow messenger leahhotdizon at yawhow that come and msn: leahhotdizon at hot mail that come

    maria123, posted

    Cool Video! Makes me wish I could try that sometimes...

    Jones111, posted
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