• horse is fucking mare with sexy pussy and fill hapy after that do you like to see that, if yes come in to have a look at this

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    Love it!

    beastyboy38, posted

    i very much like to watch horse mating siddalinga

    siddalinga, posted

    I lilke animal fucking

    sahansan, posted

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    To see a stallion mount a mare is the ultimate visualisation of sexual intercourse to me. It is almost impossible not to get horny watching horses fuck. These majestic and gracious animals fuck in an extremely sexual and pornographic way. I imagine most people would agree. No wonder great male fuckers are called stallions... I wouldn’t mind swapping places with the mare to experience that huge and beautiful cock in my ass... I also fantasise of fucking a mare when she is full of the love jizz from the stallion and her cunt is swollen after the intense throbbing of the horse cock.... Sorry, I got carried away! Well, that's my personal sexual reaction to this movie clip. To my taste the film is a little too short, there should have been some close ups, the camera moves too much and the overall quality is therefore not that good. I wish of course that this film should be better than watching in real life... I am sure it was no option to have a professional camera team present at the farm. Horses’ mating is pretty intense and there is no way to interrupt screaming "Cut! Take it from the beginning!" My conclusion is: this film resulted in a hard on in front of my computer, so the film works for me! I am very grateful to whoever recorded this and for sharing it with us in this forum. Thanks! Beastyboy38

    beastyboy38, posted
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