• 1. This is how ligers are made. 2. Another one of my favorites (hybrid this time). 3. I saw some other video with "Sunchaser Production" on top of it, so I am as well. 4. Can't help myself by saying this but.. "That wasn't your finger, was it..?" Enjoy everyone! A lion and tiger having fun. My personal like about this is how the lion's genitals sway around.

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    huge beautiful lion balls!

    k9nutzxl2, posted

    OMG! so epic! How i wisih i was that lion.

    heyhey25, posted

    I think I'd cum as fast as the lion did.

    Coonhound, posted


    nada123, posted

    Amazing quality, angle and the action itself. All I can say is this one is great!

    kinkywolf, posted

    Thats how we get ligers! :D

    Emos86, posted

    pretty hot

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    more interspecies video would be great.

    outcast65, posted

    lovely! :)

    manaisinme, posted

    fine truth

    psbhelkar74, posted

    lastima que duro muy poco

    danielsamxxx, posted

    such a great shot!! very nice. thanks for the upload here. probably the first of its kind I've ever seen.

    ponycum, posted

    the first film I've seen of a lion and a tigeress I like

    tigertail, posted

    was that lion fucking a male tiger?

    endermon, posted

    amazing footage, thank you for uploading this

    autumnvixen, posted

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    This movie was definitely a first and interesting to me. It was so nice being able to see a closeup of the lion entering the tigress and she actually seemed to like it! Very hot. Too bad the lions can only last a couple seconds. The penetration of the two animals is definitely a sight to behold. The way the lion just licked the tiger on the back of the neck showed that it was more than just sex to him and that it was a binding of two creatures in a truly beautiful act of nature. And when he lowered himself down to her and pushed himself in, mmm, just so intense. My only wish was that this video was longer and that he perhaps lasted longer.

    legohonda14, posted

    mmmm, that was a wonderful video love the crossbreed style and it was rather interesting to see the tiger's vagina I wonder if she liked it. Personally video's like these needs to be posted, more cross breeding video's are always appreciated, like a male dog on a female lion or tiger rather than a male tiger on a dog. The quality was good and so was the timing but the only bad thing was I wonder if during the draw back that the lions cum was able to be seen. Again very good and keep up the good work this was one of the few that I really appreciated, a quick mounting a push in and a pull out and walken away Lions are lucky that way it seems.

    larson12345, posted
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