• A bitch masturbates and cums. First she licks herself then starts thrusting, then you can hear her whining as she gets off! I guess even bitches need to rub one out once in a while.

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    Fuck her please!

    susandusenknot, posted

    some one get her a cock!

    ilovedogs24, posted

    She's in heat obviously.

    GermanHalo, posted

    I would love to make her cum!!

    lupusphasmatis, posted

    poor girl...

    concave_scream, posted

    needs help...

    sdfdrgvvvt, posted

    My god she is on the bed and ready pull it out and give it to her you piece of shit.

    limpnoodle, posted

    awww poor gurl- sux not to have hands. Not nice to laugh

    curious_chick, posted

    Geez =/ I think she needs a friend...or something. But yeah that's her owner being rather mean and laughing at her,not her whining.

    Kura2008, posted

    me too. i wish my dog wernt fixed so i could finger her Why can't you finger her???? A spayed dog can still have full sex... i'm going to pm you..

    intokniners, posted

    me too. i wish my dog wernt fixed so i could finger her

    dogpink, posted

    that's not the dog whining. it's the jackass owner laughing at her rather than helping her out by rubbing, tonguing, or fucking that hot puss.

    deepsix, posted

    Damn... wish I could help her out!

    nativestallion, posted

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    Female dogs apparently can achieve orgasm. This video is proof that female dogs feel pleasure in sex. It seems to me that clitoral stimulation is paramount to the achievement of orgasm in female canines. You can see how she starts herself off by licking her pussy then using the bed as a mount to rub her hungry lips on. She then stops for a second then tries again to please herself. She is a beautiful dog and would make any pet lover happy to make love to her. Her owner needs to giver her a helping hand and let her achieve orgasm.

    lupusphasmatis, posted
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