• horses mating, good closeups and a lot of cum at the end

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    I wish I could join them to a threesome!

    papaluigi, posted

    what the fuck are you talking about philip forced mating is fucked up its like rape and one of the reasons a lot of people hate on us cause they think we rape animals. Id rather get the mare laid if shes in heat or willing fuck that trained bull shit theirs no need for that

    marelover1013, posted

    Would love to see more of theese well trained minis. You could see a hand pulling down on her tail so she could not kick while the stallion had his way.She was not in heat but did not act up,which tells that they do this often. Having trained animals that fuck on command is really hot.Once had a stallion that would fuck what ever you put him behind by the command UP!.

    philip, posted

    Do not belive the mare was in heat,she would have been turning her tail and squatting to recieve his cock.This forced mating is more exciting because of this. The stallion is fucking her whether she likes it or not.This can be done because I've done it. After a few times the mare will let her pussy be bored out without any objection,even seems to like it. Great clip!

    philip, posted

    want to take male ponys place so i could put my dick in that mare

    oger7635, posted

    Is great watching something like this and knowing you've been in that actual place before in real life. I love these 2 ponies. They're so cuddly and sweet. Makes me wish I could hug them right now.

    dirtbiker2000, posted

    Nice tight mare,wish it was me!!!!!

    faberge1956, posted

    I liked it. I bet the mare did as well.

    Gladstone, posted

    awesome clip!!!!!

    dusty_g, posted

    Verry nice!I like it.Thank you

    ldqpbl, posted

    Very nice clip u got there! Thanks

    fantasy_bf, posted

    Great video

    Pes1961, posted

    God that is so sexy i want my lady friend under him and me guiding his cock in her so much cum

    tankervic, posted

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