• a nice close up shot of a man fondling a horse's naughty bitsa nice close up shot of a man fondling a horse's naughty bits, video has sound enjoy

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    thanx very much

    engc79, posted

    i bet its soft :3

    esayemay, posted


    d13fledermaus, posted

    Licking the foreskin and eating if it was a pussy, than playing first with the slipping cockhead and then suck his cock til he cums in my mouse!

    papaluigi, posted

    kako je ovo dobro! koliko koze! zabio bih glavu i ne bih je vadio odatle satima! mogu da zamislim koliki je kurac sakriven unutra!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    Cant view the movie help!

    gpe_lock, posted


    Furrytube, posted

    I can only imagine whats inside that thing.

    balsa, posted


    kevlast6, posted

    more !!! :)

    bide777, posted

    itz a gelding u know....

    9lives, posted

    I wanna be there!!!!

    Duckman83, posted

    I wann feel the smooth touch!

    KnigvonDeutschl, posted

    i would love to dock those lips

    Trentmutt, posted

    My cock got hard when I saw this. *drools*

    gaycake, posted

    handsome...and just look at those lips !Always dreamed of doing this

    waffa, posted

    I wish I could do that too

    superstud, posted


    geoff, posted

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    A person grasped a hold of a what appears to be a gelding and attempts to arouse him by stroking his black sheath. The gelding jerks as he is grasped but gets some what aroused, as in one instant you can see his cock head ease out of its wrinkly surroundings to just shrink back into the semi furred sheath. In the end the person just released the horse's sheath and ended the clip abruptly. In my eyes the lighting could have been better, so that you could see inside of the horse's sheath better. But over all, this was a good clip and I rated it a worth watching.

    murowel, posted
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