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    Cow Shitting


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    A cow releasing a nice load. She starts by puckering up just before she dumps it, and then dump she does as she tosses out a nice quantity. It was so much she even slipped alittle!!

    Uploaded by Laphin · Rating: 4.5 (51 votes) · 11860 views


    I love agriculture shows; if you go near the end of the day, there's no one around and you can finger the cows and horses all you want!

    amsoil5, posted

    i want to fuck her while she shits all over me then finish up in her ass

    Sexyhorse34, posted

    so smooth love it

    xbgold, posted

    I want to lick that asshole

    GottaLuvMe1, posted

    let’s make an elevated table so i'm even with a cow's/horse’s ass, strapped on, tilt the table back, get my wide open ass right up next to the cow's/horse’s so when it shits it's a direct deposit into my open hole.

    ryanr89nc, posted

    I agree with Predator87. And I do catch it in my pants quite often. :) It's wonderful and very warm.

    Kvigor, posted

    Cow poo is a little bit softer and wetter than horse poop. But both are really nice. Wanna catch in my pants

    Predator87, posted

    so sexy

    feltum, posted

    she can poop on me

    dragon316, posted

    i never ate from a cow but my has in the past. i am dying to eat from a cow.

    blylvr, posted

    would be nice to bruch my teeth with this

    HeIIBoy, posted

    Fantastic! I'd love to lick her clean.

    ShepShepherd, posted


    PoopyVixen, posted

    Hmmm, das sieht so gut aus, was ein geiler Fickarsch, würde ihr gern meinen Schwanz ganz tief in den geilen Fickarsch schieben während sie kackt....

    RamonRaul, posted

    oh gods. I'd love to either be fucking her while she shat out that beautiful log, or be masturbating right behind her so she would shit all over me >////>

    Fox1123, posted

    id love to have her shit on me mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    dragon316, posted

    text me on 0428135466

    ray4321, posted

    would love my head to push in as it shitting

    john54f, posted

    Such a nice firm log love to catch it in my pants.

    xbgold, posted

    i would like to be covered with it, then eat it...

    Akorererez, posted

    Sorry no audio, with some big farts would have been even funnier.

    Abcx23, posted

    mmmmmm id love to be right under that ass and let the shit fall right into my mouth mmmmm

    dicksmacker123, posted

    My God, the size of the 2nd and 3rd turd... they are IMMENSE!!

    Abcx23, posted

    i almost had cum everywhere wow!!!

    72smart1, posted

    this is a nice one i like the part where she almost fell at the beginning

    chuck6304, posted

    nice www.pet4u.co.cc

    tocandapetsex, posted
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