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    Stallion Erection


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    A very well endowed stallion playing with his erection a little bit and his head having a nice little flare to it. Nice video and sound quality, this horse is definitely very well built ;)

    Uploaded by Valanore · Rating: 4.3 (110 votes) · 30291 views


    What a great cock and the flare, very nice.

    -mr-big-, posted

    Yay horse cock!

    KitKat33, posted

    I love sucking off my Stallion and now when I go down to the barn he starts geting a hard on when he sees me coming. I get all excited see his enormous cock and jump the fence and get under him and suck so when he cums I can get it all to drink. I love how it tasts and the amouth he shoots.I think he loves it to and tries to shove his cock down my throat and I do get a lot if it in my mouth and starting down my throat. His balls are awesome too. I don't know what I would do without him.

    sidatit, posted

    WHAT A FLARE!!!!!!!!

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    den är fortfarande lika skön att titta på när den gungar och ollonet sväller

    CHOOSE, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    flared dick ready to cum in girls mouth

    longone, posted

    His flare is absolutely amazing. I'd suck him off anyday and bathe in his cum

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    very great.wont the black one in my ass and the brown one in my mouth

    knoten2009, posted

    I can almost feel that wonderful flare swell up inside me - mmmm

    horbot, posted

    Mmmmmm nice cock, I would love to jack and suck him until he squirted his hot load of cum all over me.

    candi69, posted

    Could take the shaft, but, that fuckin flare!!! paulb1485@yahoo.com.au

    paulb, posted

    I wanted to see him use that hot rod.

    lexie, posted

    I enjoy that video I just love his flare very nice. and so big too. Who ever took that video did a fine job of it. One of the best film I have seen. very well build and put together. I give this video thumbs up. I really enjoy this Love this video. Hope who ever did this video makes more. Would love to see more. I do enjoy looking a videos like this. this horse is very big flare Love his flare. Over all this horse is very well put together I love this video. I do enjoy looking at big flares on other animals. But I really enjoy this video very nice. One of the best flares on this video

    DarkAngel19721, posted
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