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    Mare Gets Pumped Full Of Cum


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    Classic slow motion video of a stallion plowing a mare and filling her with cum until his load gushes out of her. Very nice steady close up, no sound though.

    Uploaded by Valanore · Rating: 4.6 (491 votes) · 112588 views


    Some day, I wanna be pumped full of stallion cum!

    Underage4men, posted

    wish that wuz in me ,yum....

    spleefinboots, posted

    i am doctor this is no true

    safiullahllm, posted

    Yay for stallions! :D

    marylasher122, posted

    nesto najlepse sto sam ikada video. savrsena penetracija, litre sperme...

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    mmm sau geil wenn er kommt...

    master_20, posted

    @this1 i second that!

    someguy_75, posted

    I wish I could flood one like that.

    tonktaf, posted

    det var en stor och hård hingstkuk i en varm och blöt märrfitta

    CHOOSE, posted

    would love to have sloppy seconds with that mare ^_^

    this1, posted

    That was AWESOME!!!!

    assman696969, posted

    wow,very nice indeed

    wingzero, posted

    am horny no i need someone to fuck.

    jamehenry12, posted

    Great cum shot would liked to have been there.

    garydunn61, posted

    Cream Pie =)

    RasseBrasse88, posted


    CHOOSE, posted

    Holy shit that is fucking sexy...damn lucky mare.

    Kashi90, posted

    I cant even imagine being there for this! I would have ran up right after and fisted that mare for hours

    justinaadu, posted


    ccrd2, posted

    seconds please!

    Allenhigala, posted

    Needs sound

    zimmer320, posted

    21/f looking for someone to have fun on cam for me to watch. email me meka0390@yahoo.com

    meka0390, posted

    I bet the pressure built up is something I would like to feel that cumming in my ass.

    fredpotts, posted

    hummm que j ai envie de prendre cette queue bien au fond dans mon cul et sentir toute cette semence me remplir quel bonheur

    moreno2007, posted

    ME NEXT! I want to feel his hot cum as I fuck her second!

    Allenhigala, posted

    I want to get fucked by that cock. It looks like it would feel so good.

    itrulez, posted

    wish i was under that cunt

    mooed123, posted

    sank you

    katdoghoors, posted

    i want to be the mare

    Cartli, posted

    This is a very naturaly thing for two animals. this ok. but, when it comes to humans having sex with animals.. this is very wrong and needs to be stoped.. And you are wrong for promoting it.....

    attipton, posted

    This is an awesome clip! The clear closeup of him pumping out that huge load .... WoW!! I want him to be fill my ass like that!

    studserver, posted

    fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk that was hot..............made my pussy throb !

    slipandslide, posted

    i wanna get pump up like this... all in my pussy

    Larissa_slave, posted

    i wanna get pump up like this... all in my pussy

    Larissa_slave, posted

    oh wow.. male and still thinks that this is so horny i want my ass full of cum too :)

    dogsexloverrr, posted

    mmmmmmmmmm soooo hot

    Trinityxxx, posted

    These videos have not been loading properly for me. Just stays black with the little rotating loading wheel in the center. I wanted this video to get me off. That cock unleashes so much cum into that pussy.

    petsex191919, posted

    He certainly emptied his balls. My ex boyfriend use to be able to cum buckets. How I miss that horny bastard!

    fjhfgjgj, posted

    Hot, thats what I look like when my mate pulls outta me :)

    dragonsgirl, posted

    I wanna get my ass pumped full cum like that !!

    Rabbitfucker, posted

    Love it nice cvok

    atula20007, posted

    my pussy is dripping from watching this clip. love the cum pouring out like that.

    LdySaria, posted

    nice cock safiullah

    safiullahllm, posted

    nice cock safiullah

    safiullahllm, posted

    I want that cock in my pussy so bad

    sgsgsgfwwt, posted

    more more

    kevlast6, posted

    hi there nice. vidoes of you anyhow.. i love that .. and actually i have german pit bull, k9 and snake. and i love fucking with them. and im sorry that i didnt .. exposed anything on here due to my public safety if u want to see my vidoes and see my pets fucking on it.. just hit me in my yawhow messenger leahhotdizon at yawhow that come and msn: leahhotdizon at hot mail that come

    maria123, posted

    it must feel so good to come like that. That was the hottest things I have seen in a long time.

    tonktaf, posted

    im going for sloppy seconds

    beastboycll1988, posted

    Perfect vid nice and clear view

    scotty1215a, posted

    geil den schwanz würde ich auch gerne in mir haben

    Pferdeliebhaber, posted

    hey if you guys would like to chat with a pretty gurl and have vids to share prettyyoungthing0809@yahoo.com no scam please.

    creamgurl, posted

    huh...now i can add another thing that a horse can beat me in...s'gettin to be a loooong list...

    ex-88, posted

    unf*cking believable, omgod sooooooo hot

    K9_Curious_CDN, posted

    So hot, awesome cock, buckets of cum got me so hard.

    candietop, posted

    holy mother of fuck

    Squeebl, posted

    what a perfect view

    kristinm, posted

    oh mu god that was a lot of cum

    katiej077, posted

    I feel jealous for both parties

    delphinic, posted

    wow this is a fucking hot movie nice cock deep pussy and a load of cummmmmm

    marelove2, posted

    his balls were full

    fishlover, posted

    nothing more exciting then to see him spill out of her snatch god that was a great vid

    huskyman, posted

    que rico se ve

    danielsamxxx, posted

    Loved the close up view- great to see him squirt before pulling out and gushing his fantastic load. A+

    aelliott7, posted

    I like this movie! But think how deep a mares pussy has to be to have room to a penis like that.

    Opac, posted

    dam i dont know if i want to lick the horse dick or kiss that mare puss...

    dippedin24kt, posted

    süperrr ....ankara

    matiass3, posted

    the best mating vid iv ever seen

    fade2blk, posted

    Even if that is pee that's pretty nice ;p

    Kura2008, posted

    Looks so damn hot!

    cumfunnrw, posted

    Yeeeeah, translucent pee with a clear jelly-like consistency. Definitely. Who knew horse pee looked so much like horse semen.

    BlackFox87, posted

    and thats called horse pee! not cum.you twits.

    MasonRaines, posted

    Wow,Now that's what I call a "Good Hosin" Whew, I cant stop my juices from flowin!!!!

    shecravesbig, posted

    mmmmmmmmm fantastic nearly made me as wet as her x

    Belinda402007, posted

    OMG! that was hot,mmmm

    MasonRaines, posted

    what i wouldnt do for all that cum in my little pussy..

    niobestarr, posted

    Sweet!! What a load!!!

    harleypoor, posted

    Impressive... 2 half-liter cans instead of balls.

    Abcx23, posted

    love that.....hot cum gushing from her is such a turn on

    meli, posted

    WOW!That is AWESOME

    waffa, posted

    great vid. loved that bucket load of cum. paulb1485@yahoo.com.au

    paulb, posted

    that's exactly the way the last horse did me lots of gooey cum squirting out of my pussy. it was so hot and slimy rubbing between my pussy lips and legs when he withdrew his flaring cock from me. wish you could have been there.

    moresa44c, posted

    To see all that cum pumping out of that mares pussy was beautiful all of that cum soaked his huge dick and looks like she enjoyed it very much it was so gourgeous and his cum looked so silky and just made me want to drink it all and take that stallion in the ass i would also love to drink all that cum or fuck that stallion myself or let him fuck me and keep the cum in my ass but his cock is so huge i might die from a beautiful dick like that but it would be worth it. Well anyway that was an amazing video good rating best i have seen so far for all of animal mating thank you for posting loved it <3

    vikita, posted

    This is one of the best horse insemination video clips found on the net.although the runtime is short,the video shows the final moments when the stallion is pulling out and the semen leaks out which is very erotic.very difficult to find rare clips like these amongst other horse mating videos where the insemination part is not clearly recorded. the author did a nice job of recording the final moments between the 2 horses.this video is a must see for everyone who enjoys horses mating.i have to appreciate the quality of content present in this video clip.

    killerman50, posted

    This was an awsome clip of a stallion filling his mare full of cum. Loved the way that the cum started to run down the stallions cock before he even pulled out of her pussy and then once he pulled out all the cum gushing out of her was so amazaing. I wish I was able to fill a pussy that full of cum like this boy. Just an awsome clip. This stallions cock is also so amazaingly huge that it is almost unbeliveable. I think that the veiws in this clip give a great veiw of his cock and you can get a good feel for how big it really is unlike most other clips that are not of good quality or have the close up shots that this clip has. An A+++ grade from me

    funanimal37727, posted
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