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    Dog Cock With Cum


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    A dog's cock, hard and part way out of the sheath. He cums and squirts, with a little handling at least. Very hot, very big, very sexy.

    Uploaded by allaboutdogs · Rating: 2.4 (31 votes) · 19476 views


    16 male in Barrie, Ontario looking to have fun with owners and their pets ;)

    quad1997, posted

    Wish there was a better cumshot....

    xphilxor, posted

    That Looks Fucking Horny, What An AWESOME DOG COCK! With A GORGEOUS HEAD! I'd Like To Peel That Sheath Right Back And Expose The Full Knot And Suck It Real Nice Till It Blows The Full Load Down My Throat Hmmmmmmmm............

    ninjabluewings, posted

    Pit about the quality as it looks like a very suckable cock.

    keristal1, posted

    loved to have been under him catching the cum in my mouth

    budgieboy, posted

    not to much to see

    attala200, posted

    your camera sucks

    dogcock15, posted

    its a very good close up of the dogs dick, hes seems happy and you can clearly see his dick dripple with joy, the man in the video grabs the dick to show it better and he even changes the view so you can get a better look at his penis. the video is in very good quality, and shows the dogs penis perfectly. his dick is large in size for a dog that big, and seeing a close up of that nice penis is deffinatly worth the watch. it is very sexy and is worth watching over and over.

    rambukk, posted
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