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    Horny Dog And Pigs


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    there is a very horny male dog. he want to fuck a sow. there are many pigs on the paddock. the dog has a large selection. lol

    Uploaded by bobby100 · Rating: 2.9 (41 votes) · 13749 views


    ...jemand h├Ątte das Schwein festhalten sollen....;-)

    hotlady, posted

    lol ya shoulda greesed up the pigs to make it into a pure comody watching the dog TRYING to fuck the pigs XD

    shadowmarka, posted

    when this happened in ethiopia hundreds of pigs and dozens of wild dogs were put to death. seems they don't approve of this over there but in mexico they charge money to see this, well at least that is what i heard.

    horseryder, posted

    looks like it is almost in the sow..it is the same clip looped though.

    dragonarchmage, posted

    Situation is pretty funny. That dog needs to get laid. Wouln't mind being the reciever. But the clip is a loop of the same short clip several times. But I DO like it.

    shadow, posted
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