• the dog want to fuck a pony... the dog is a male... but the pony is a male too... it is funny an very sexy...

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    I C, we're gonna have to teach the shit, that gave this clip the title, what fuck means. Because the shit doesn't know. Anybody wants to teach the shit, what 'to fuck' means? In the review, (1 sentence) it is used in the right and proper way. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    i would think it would be in the ponies nature to be afraid of the dogs

    gigglebut, posted

    I had a mini mare,,and a big male coon hound,I made a platform so he would be high enouff to fuck her,it made me really horney watching him get his big knot in her pussy,,then I fucked her,,

    nthnreed, posted

    wow nice video

    darkresiden, posted

    Pony is a male and the dog would have to stump train him. =`P

    natchew, posted


    wsqdgfs, posted

    Desperate doggie XD

    Kura2008, posted

    If Dog was a Great Dane There Would Have Been Sum Fuckin;)

    the_horse_lover, posted

    dog needs a bucket to stand on!

    deepsix, posted

    :-) That dog either needs a good fuck or a trip to the wet. It's lucky the pony is so calm *lol*

    shadow, posted


    pourquoi, posted

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