• Ein großer schwarzer Labrador mit geilem umd harten Schwanz der gerne abspritzt und von dem man fast nicht genug bekommen kann. Viel Spaß und bewertet es wenn es euch gefallen hat.

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    Ich möchte mit ihm spielen...

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    mmm echt ein geiles teil... =)

    master_20, posted

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    hellotiger, posted

    yeah, suck, lick, sniff, slowly suck him off,over and over every day baby.............

    trains, posted

    love the labs. yum!

    mdoglove, posted

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    hairy, posted

    det var en röd och grann hundkuk skulle passa med en skön runk

    CHOOSE, posted

    Absolutely beautiful dogboner.

    bahamut66, posted

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    xiejing, posted

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    hairy, posted

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    troy-lee, posted

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    mmmgulp, posted

    Looks tasty...

    mmmgulp, posted

    Mmmmm.... such a handsome stud!!! I'd love spend some time tied to his knot ;-)

    lilnekomimi, posted

    wow, would love to suck that cock, then have it hammer me all night...

    kitty90, posted

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    candi69, posted


    kedi, posted

    if thats spam I'll eat all I can get

    ErinLucy, posted

    nice :)

    wut0, posted

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