• small dachshund dog jerks off with his paws and cums on the ground. has a great cock! i think 25 words is definitely way too long. It's not an option, Next time I will refuse the upload.. Please comply, Thank you

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    Why do dogs lick their dicks? Because they can.

    SamBadger, posted

    this dog needs my help

    konjipsitipovi, posted

    he needed a hand their

    budgieboy, posted

    and he is saying " i don't have any thumbs! you try jerking off without using your thumb!"

    meli, posted

    I'd have sucked him off!

    paulb, posted

    lol@the song selection, sounds like a perfume ad i saw once.

    marcusaurelius, posted

    I would give him a nice handjob!

    KnigvonDeutschl, posted

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    WOW I love german dachounds and here is one that obcviously loves to masterbate, as we all do ?. Masterbation is truly one of the joys of life. Anyway, this little guy , with a cock bigger than the size it ought to be for his body starts stroking it and keeps on stroking it till the inevitable happens ? yes he cums all over the floor. ( havent we all ??? ). Great little video, would love to see a vid of a Dachschund fucking a lady ? what about it is there one ??. these little guys could do a great job in the missionary position. More please .

    dogsenior, posted
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