• hot and hard st. bernard cock spurting cum i would love to be playing with this dog, i love st.bernards and gsd and labs short but good

    Uploaded by mrfaceless · Rating: 3.8 (79 votes) · 19672 views


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    hornyasscock1, posted

    I'd love to play with that sexy dick just letting him cum all over my face ;3

    Bighornywolf_92, posted

    det har alltid sagt stor hund stor kuk den var vacker det hade varit skönt att runka den

    CHOOSE, posted

    makes me wet just thinking about having that in my ass uhhhhh god yes yes YES

    inuyasha86, posted

    would luv 2 feel that large dog dick in my cunt!!

    doggydoit, posted

    One of my favorite short films on this site. I love the cute dog cock and the constant "Good Boy"s throughout this vid.

    taiga06, posted

    made me wet!!

    doggydoit, posted


    chubron713, posted

    I love the IGP "Sure Fine" Brand Soda bottle, dead giveaway that this hails from either the midwest or the South US. :O) always love big cock, no matter the species.

    Bigpaws, posted

    would love to have that cock

    ilovedogs24, posted

    JA geil mmmm denn würde ich gerne mal basen

    raphael33, posted

    Wow, he's bigger than me, that makes him bigger than most

    marquisfox, posted

    what a gorgeous dog. Huge brautiful and obedient too. I'd love to spend the night with him. Just imagine the deep throat and mounting. Some guys have all the luck.

    ellana, posted

    Mmm, I love that cock, I wish my dog's cock was big like that.

    ReptileFanatic, posted

    great vid, perfect cock

    hotsebomb, posted

    nice cock. I'd let him mount and knot me

    somprs, posted

    The want to just slide down that, is unbearable!!!

    k9rick, posted

    Now look what you did! Your video made me rock hard! Whatever will I do?

    Furd_Bipple, posted

    nice knot i love that in me i be his bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hyena_69, posted

    would love to tie with that big boy, soooo big would like it in me from behind and missionary

    robroy, posted

    too dark to see well

    clumaster, posted

    dat is een mooie lul om te pijpen en hij mag me ook neuken

    stroman53, posted

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