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    Gds Penis Closeup


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    A very nice video of a German Shepherd dog being masturbated in the forest. The primary focus of the video is on the dog and the human hand can hardly be seen pawing the dog off. There are some nice good resolution closeups where you can see the dog spraying it's pre as well as cum onto a red piece of paper or plastic. The dog is also wearing a leash but that's plainly not needed as the dog seems to be enjoying himself quite a bit. One of the nicest videos I have seen in quite some time. Highly recommended!!

    Uploaded by mensuper83 · Rating: 4.5 (136 votes) · 19958 views


    beautiful doggy cock, making him happy

    peterichard01, posted

    His cock is amazing

    Harrystyles14, posted

    yeah, he could fuck me anytime

    k9cock, posted

    I love dog cock.

    abcd1986, posted

    thats longer then mine

    germansherperd, posted

    Well Horseryder, that's actually called precum, and helps lubricate the dog during sex I believe.

    DonSvelte, posted

    loved the foreskin... lots hiding a treasure. loved the increasing huge cock and knot loved the big cock hole loved the drips and drips of cum think it was great but long, maybe painful for doggie...

    freerasta, posted

    wow,would love to find s like minded m/f/couple who would share there lovely petk9 with me.iam in the uk greater manchester,add me on skype goodboyk9 or goodboyk9@hotmail.com

    goodboyk9, posted

    I'd like to have it all in my mouth!!!

    dogorallover, posted

    Why oh why did you shake the camera so much?

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    That was an amazing huge and beautiful dog cock. I totally would love that deep inside of me. I know that it would feel sooo good. And he would love my fuck hole. Man where do I get one of those? Sign me up!

    dna1267, posted


    konjipsitipovi, posted

    being a bit of a newbie at this and I hate that word, but it seems that a dog will start to shoot cum as soon as his dick leaves the sheath,is that true?

    horseryder, posted

    IS HE MAD NOT DRINKING ALL THAT HOT CUM.... Man i would cover myself in it yummy

    Lindsay1, posted

    all that cum just going on the ground,such a waste.

    redcar, posted

    Fucking beautiful! Definitely a dog cock I'd love to suck and drain.

    keristal1, posted

    fantastic cock i love it

    ab7, posted

    I'm really into animals, especially dogs and horses. I hear that is rare for girls but hey, that's just me. I would love to talk to some people in Utah or simply the US about their experiences and learn a bit myself. Add my MSN/YM please: freak_drink@yahoo.com

    dirtyanimalperv, posted

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    BeastyFriends, posted

    [01.09.2010-05:03] Schade um den Saft, der da so freigiebig auf dem Boden gespritzt wird...

    PetOlli, posted

    wow what a beautiful big dog cock spraying all that juice.

    stevej, posted

    wow wish i was there sucking that dick

    cjthedevil, posted

    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmh den w├╝rde ich gerne mal blasen

    raphael33, posted

    By the dg being chained up; I am made to think he had no choice in the matter, because he didn't have the chance to run away :(

    Kbottom9, posted

    I think the dog doesn't like it

    Centus, posted

    I dont think the dog enjoyed that!

    shane101, posted

    Oh god yes. I had to cum to this video. Absolutely gorgeous. <3

    ilovedoggyknots, posted

    oh god, I've come twice watching this. All i want is him inside my cunt. mmm Anyone Got a beautiful dog like this one willing in the UK im willing to go anywhere!.

    Beggingbitch, posted

    pretty cock yum yum.....

    trains, posted

    oh boy what a dog.

    doramaar, posted

    Brilliant. Nice clear quality and nice slow close ups. Made me cum!

    dad4doguk, posted
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