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    Monkey Jerks And Cums 1


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    A monkey strokes off and shoots a watery load all over the rock he's sitting on. He has a big cock for a primate.

    Uploaded by bluerainforest · Rating: 3.8 (62 votes) · 28789 views


    Shame on those people for recording with the children around xD MOMMY A BIG FAT MONKEY XD all that for a vid..

    Danni-kinz, posted

    My wife wants to slide it in her pussy

    billy9129, posted

    he sure got something big to play with, ha, ha

    All4Dogs, posted

    Well he has got a long one nice

    mikiyrogers, posted

    awsome I have a friend that would LOVE that in her mouth.

    doggyman22, posted

    thats nice, what kind is he?

    bigdogontop, posted

    i'd love to be raped by him...

    SkyFox, posted

    us males just can,t help ourselves can we. what a wonderfull thing we have between our legs to play with. wish that littler fucker was here to shove that up my arse.

    paulb, posted
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