• This is an animated fox of him being penetrated from behind by an object, while suckling off the other one. Let this be a lesson, do not build your own machines, without READING the whole thing about it first. Muahahaha.

    Uploaded by NiteWolf · Rating: 4.5 (128 votes) · 21264 views


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    So can yous top fucking stealing his work?!

    MavrickFSSF, posted

    Wrong website....

    DeRammer85, posted

    Best machine ever, wish it were real.

    Chrisyboi, posted

    Geil, sieht aus wie pferdeschwänze die ihn ficken

    ponystosser, posted

    this video is copyright of taurin fox www.taurinfox.com

    mooed123, posted

    this is taurin foxes work want to see more go to taurinfox.com for more flash

    scooby22, posted

    Awesome. Ever since the fox was raped by the tentacle he's grown to love taken it up the ass! I love how big and hard his cock gets too. And man all that cum! YUM!

    dogcum123, posted

    love tis video. HOT!!! graphics are amazing! best ive seen yet

    Xanderfolfsky, posted

    Realy hot toon!! 3 times comes shot...

    Tigerlover, posted

    i would love to fuck that fox and he can fuck me anytime

    deathwalker54, posted

    mmmm hot

    fox12345, posted


    Lenny2007, posted

    Definitely would be better with sound, yeah. Get that British chick who did the rabbit.

    tycio, posted

    wish this had sound

    bige12, posted

    This Vid Belongs to TaurinFox!

    greywolfy237, posted

    pretty impressive animation actually. Awesome stuff, I was surprised.

    Kravenkotor, posted

    Excellent quality, thanks!

    sooft, posted

    wow - thanks!

    geoff, posted

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    i love this movie it gets 5 out of 5 stars and it also makes for a good thing to jerk off to i love 3d animations also i am a furry and i bet that feels good to have a horse size cock in your ass or in furry words tailhole when u know how sex is it is the best thing in the world to us furries when he cums it makes me want that cum in my tailhole its so thick and creamy but the horse shaped dildos would feel good 2 yes they would it makes me horny just thinking about it sends shivers done my body

    demonwolfking, posted
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