• Great Fucking

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    LWJII, posted

    I want that big boy on top of me

    litawolf, posted

    interesting,prouding differnet breed.

    merril, posted

    oh please god let me reincarnate into a mare

    slipknotrush, posted

    Such a skilled donkey mmmmm would love to have been that donkey

    larson12345, posted

    in my next life i would love to come back as a mare.

    paulb, posted

    nice... pity it ended so soon.... i bet his cum just dripped out of her

    meli, posted


    xavierconrad, posted

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    This is a wonderfully short love story between a donkey and his mare...she gracefully awaits him, with butt high as he swiftly approaches her behind,her velvety cunt pulsating for him, he examines her goods, liking what he sees. And than quickly takes off, straddling her broad bullocks, shoving his 12" into her juicy hole. He goes vigorously for a few thrusts and than rests on her back, showing that a little donkey is better than any mare could. Truly a good 34 seconds of film. love how the donkey prepares it self to make with mare that is unaware of what is coming. truly a master piece.

    Beastly69, posted
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