• This donkey missses his target and gets cum everywhere

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    anybody up near toronto canada?

    artac1, posted

    24 year old looking for younger twinks to skype with add me downincork

    hornyasscock, posted

    Feel like drinking that sticky cum

    lyo123, posted


    shaher99, posted

    to horselover,do you want to be disemboweled or worse they're just too big

    xbgold, posted

    that is male on male video yumy

    crka1, posted

    That was real hot love when it comes out in long ropes

    Bighornywolf_92, posted

    thats nice!!

    travbowl, posted

    mmm geile ladung.. =)

    master_20, posted

    I want a donkey or stallion dick in me so bad!!! Would anyone let there donkey or stallion in pennsylvania fuck me hard? Message me if so:)

    horselover192, posted

    ok hihihihih

    roode, posted

    omg whyyyyyyyyyyyy r u letting all that cum go to waste:(

    tim13, posted

    I would love to have that all over my body right now. and then it get hard again and get it in my hot wet pussy!!!

    Iwantdogcock69, posted

    mmm love that cock wish i could have it along with his cummm

    ilovedogs24, posted

    ooh shit its impossible for her to get it he have a tooo big head i realy like his power i want that com in my legs

    sadiabatool25, posted

    I want to be a donkey!

    mfm, posted

    i would have cover my dick with all that cum and jerked of

    Horsalot, posted

    i want it all over my face

    SuperMeMN, posted

    Wanted 1 more second? Get a membership!

    chr, posted

    Yes pump that cum donkey!

    argonaut96, posted

    hot ooh nice

    hotyuo, posted


    softwind, posted

    Real nice cumshot!

    doggyass, posted

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    this is a very nice film. two male donkey's trying to get it on in a barn, but it doesn't work, but you still get a great cumshot. the camrea was great planely of colour and a great view, would have benn nice to have seen the cum on the floor or for the vid to be a bit longer, but either way this is a truely good vid of two male donkey's enjoying themselfs. the donkey getting it didn't like it at all but the donkey giving did, and he clearly shows it by cumming even if it wasn't inside.

    mugman, posted
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