• A nice juicy closeup poo

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    das hätte ich gerne auf meinen Pimmel fallen lassen wollen

    rudi-69, posted

    Absolutley lovly! Very hot!

    minorvan, posted

    so hot that poop love it

    siffwader, posted

    It's so sexy they way their shits are so big that not only do their anuses expand but their whole buttcrack does too!

    thehorsehole, posted

    I wanna eat that shit

    wowihere, posted

    I would love to be eating that pussy and have all that hot juicy shit fall ontop of me. Then lick up all the juice.

    abcde657463, posted

    I'd love to fuck her

    Gersonfsjunior, posted

    i agree nowaylol

    sharna, posted

    He should've stuck his tongue in that asshole before it closed. Tasty shit juice.

    nowaynopeavi, posted

    i love that kind of shit. nice and wet. goes down easy.

    blylvr, posted

    Hm schön fest^^

    Predator87, posted

    I love to watch my horses do that.

    twm60, posted

    pretty lookin poo!!!

    72smart1, posted

    Oh, some one uploded one of my videos. I had to sell that mare but she was nice. I was playing with her ass for a long time and she didnt mind. Miss her pussy :)

    Thezoo, posted

    love to catch that one mmmmm

    xbgold, posted

    ha ha lol

    omgwtfhotdog, posted


    SWORD1976, posted

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    This is one of the best shitting videos on the site. Starting the video, someone lifts the mare's shaggy tail right in time to see it excrete a great load of bulky, pasty-brown poop!! :D As the shit squeezes open the horse's anal muscles, a suspiciously non-colorful liquid trickles down the mare's tight vulva, indicating the cameraman may have just finished some fun-time with the beast! Through the whole video, you have to admire this mare's very defined rear end! As always, the poop makes a comforting pat sound as it hits the ground. Once the 8th and final log slides out, the mare's anus remains open and quickly shuts and puckers up! The video ends with the mare's tail raised, and vulva covered in the mysterious liquid. Overall, a 5/5!

    thehorsehole, posted

    Oh Great Capture! Great scene showing Horse pooping. I can see some water running out of its ass & it looks great as it push the shit out & water too ran out with it. I'm now wondering wether it had an small enema or what? Or maybe some horney man have showed his dick into it's ass & fucked it & after he finished cumming just let go his piss into its ass. But if this is the case then its really making me hot & wanted me to do it. But can someone try to do it that just fuck its ass & piss up in it or just stand behind him & let the poop drop on you! It would be gread don't it?

    sethpotter, posted
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