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    Mare Fart & Poo


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    A mare releases a nice fart and then begins to poo!

    Uploaded by Laphin · Rating: 4.7 (116 votes) · 17117 views


    Just think how all that was innocent hay and grass that spent 2 days inside a horse... >:3

    thehorsehole, posted

    i would slam my cock so deep inside her

    Sexyhorse34, posted

    would love to repack all that

    xbgold, posted

    The fart at the beginning really turned me on :)

    santokae12, posted

    I have the biggest fucking Boner right now and i cant control it

    Phantom409, posted

    :/ wish i had a horse

    Phantom409, posted

    i would have had my mouth up to that hot mare's ass and ate her fart and her shit. it would have tasted delicious and yummy to my tummy. i can't wait until i get a chance to eat a mare's pussy and ass and swallow everything that comes out of her pussy and ass. mmmmm i'm getting so horny and i need to go jack off.

    macholibre1979, posted

    @Wetpussy456, I may be a sicko or a freak but you watched this video too, so you must either be interested in it yourself or you are just some troll looking to start trouble online. so I'll let you decide which one the answer is but i already know the answer, so it doesn't really matter what you say or do anyways. I still love and always will love mare's farting and shitting because horses are really gassy animals and i love that fact about them. they have sexy asses and pussy's too and i love everything that expels from their ass and pussy too.

    macholibre1979, posted

    @macholbre , Your a sicko.. I hope you catch some type of disease .

    Wetpussy456, posted

    I would have buried my nose and mouth on that lovely mare's ass and pussy and let her fart, shit and piss on my nose and mouth. After she had finished farting and shitting I would have slammed my hard cock up her gaping asshole and fucked the hell out of her. I would have dumped my huge thick load of hot cum deep inside of her beautiful asshole. I love mare pussy and asshole and I love smelling horse shit and farts

    macholibre1979, posted

    your sick

    blixa, posted

    God so hot id be havin my nose deep in her ass as she farted and would then lay.down on the ground quick and let her bury my face in her poo god i wish i had a mare!!!!

    horselover192, posted


    osayo, posted


    chronic90, posted

    my horse is gettin laid tonight

    lpitts, posted

    I would like to take a handful of that fresh shit and polish her butt cheeks with it. Then I would run my nose between those butt cheeks and up to her asshole.

    twm60, posted

    It's too wet.

    Ratty, posted

    I would love to lick that ass

    horsesareyummy, posted

    man i want that all over me!!!

    Stallionslut, posted

    time to lick her tities pussy and ass later i fuck her in all her holes ;)

    jordenxxx, posted

    that´s good round ass

    Doalmitz, posted

    The fart makes what is a great poop video, into a fap-filled sensation! This video has a great side view. With the horse's anus slightly expanded, it releases one of the most pleasure-inducing farts I have ever heard!! The fart lasts for 2 seconds, and has a medium pitch in sound. Immediately after, the horses anus flies open, and you know what happens next! >:3 The dirty beast releases a load of 8 balls of fresh, brown, poop with a semi-smooth appearance! You can also hear the peaceful "pat" of each turd hitting the ground! This mare then puckers its rather pointy anus, leaving you begging for more!! It's amazing to think how God designed horses to have such sexy excretions! I would say this is the best horse poop video on the website, hands down!

    thehorsehole, posted
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