• Cows mating

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    i need to buy some cows

    Allday7576, posted

    and Happy END! (The love forever!)

    klever70, posted

    Really nice bull hump. Thanks for posting !

    passat456, posted

    beautifulll...and really good.

    rasik2, posted

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    great movie i was born and raised on afarm and always loved to watch bulls having sex. the only thing i didnt like was the ending where it didnt show the cows back end with raised tail and hump in back otherwise a great movie should show more like this. a lot of the bull and cow movies are to short ,and dont show what the cow does after the sex act which is the raised tail and hump in back which is as good as the mating part also it would be better if the movies were at least one and one half minute long or longer . great movie

    rabbit36, posted
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