• dog mateing with what looks like a maiden bitch...or a dog with a very large cock lol enjoy!

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    poor thing

    sana23, posted

    where is pain?

    sameergupta, posted

    who the fuck breeds an ugly ass lab to a doberman?! seriously? talk about a waste

    candyapples, posted

    oh yea take that bitch. fucken hott!!!! i like it rough, and this was good.

    houseplant09, posted

    I love it rough myself! If only people could knot......

    doggonedizzy, posted

    I'm gonna say this bluntly, why are there so many prudes on a animal sex site? Also note, virgin's experience pain on their first time, whether human or canid or otherwise. It's not rape, you'd hear the same sounds from a feral wolf bitch on her first breed...

    spikesethen, posted

    well said jqt2598

    wuffy, posted

    @ deepsix: You do know that the only thing that "proper" dog breading does is make dogs with messed up DNA. Who cares what color your dogs eyes are, is it worth making them suffer some horrible genetic illness? If you want a dog with a certain [insert pointless trait here], get a pure bred, if you want a dog that isn't suffering from constant illness, get a mutt.

    jgt2598, posted

    just because the bitch was tied to something does not make it rape. this is a common practice called arranged mating. some people don't use a leash, others do. but it's certainly not rape.

    sedrikliann, posted

    I see a harness, but I do not see it tied to anything. We have a harness that is made just like that that we keep on our dog most of the day. it is just like a collar and does not interfer with him in any way. It might be forced, or it might have just been a first time for her. Either way, we can not pass true judgment without all the facts.

    oklahomak9guy, posted

    the person who mad this video is probbly a rapist themselves. I would destroy them and that bastard dog.

    brdr11, posted

    thats sad, and I'm sure it in't legal. what do you have her tied down?

    brdr11, posted

    that was hot!!!!!!!

    ilovepittbulls, posted

    it's not uncommon for a maiden bitch to cry out when bred the first time. hell, I know I did. dogsex can hurt. :/ What I want to know is why this numbnuts is breeding a so-so lab to such a nice dobie. More mutts the world doesn't need.

    deepsix, posted

    theres a hell of alot worse out there honestly boys n girls! [as for the vid i have no idea who made it]

    wuffy, posted

    umm, actually you can very easily tell it's forced breeding, watch closely (if the sound bothers you watch it muted) ant pause at 11 seconds. there's a harness around her with a rope that leads to something else. Kinda... disturbing.. whats more disturbing though would probably be a look into the mind of whoever made this vid.

    zoomaniacfun, posted

    Absolutly forced, otherwise she wouldn't have let him finish. Poor bitch. I call this rape; and if dogs were people, EVERYONE would call it rape.

    Pet_Lover1987, posted

    Bad me turnin of...

    damnhot, posted

    It appears like "forced breeding"

    st_benard, posted

    thanks for posting!

    mountme5, posted


    k9doglover, posted

    great doga

    atlam, posted

    I keep trying to post videos, but they have a watermark which is for the trial conversion software, nothing against the TOS, yet this shit site thinks it is

    vincemoon, posted

    why stupid... we all start as virgins!!!!!!!!!!!

    merlyn1, posted

    I like watch.

    zhanghua2533, posted

    stupid virgin , whining bitch!

    jayko, posted

    virgin bitch

    ALPOKALJA, posted

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