• beautiful spray

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    i would like smell it! :)

    Animalboy83, posted

    ja echt geil.. =)

    master_20, posted

    wow would love to feel that piss on my ass..

    horny63, posted

    Wanna absolutely new movies? Email your request at mastiff.media@gmail.-com Any action! (Humping, jerking, sheath-docking, peeing...) Dog: male husky or male mastiff

    drychecker, posted

    [21.12.2010-03:36] Geiler Piss-Sound ! Jam- Jam !

    PetOlli, posted

    does somebody have extended version of that clip where guy jerks him off?

    ixxic, posted

    [18.10.2010-03:16] Interessant anzuschauen - anders als beim Pferde-Pissen. Und läßt sich durch da Berühren nicht abhalten, weiterzupissen... Echt geil !

    PetOlli, posted

    Oh, wonder what bull piss taist like

    Shadowfang_N, posted

    Looks like he was 'performing' just for you! I'd love to see more like this... very hot!

    hugabaloou, posted

    you should have got in there and drank it up straight from the tap

    scotlanddave, posted

    me calienta la meada

    cachamulcas, posted

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