• White stallion slabs his belly a few times and flares a nice flare.

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    This is NOT masturbation. The horse has a hard-on. That's all. DON'T call the film ┬┤stallion-masturbation. I feel fucked. You fucked me. I expected to see the stallion masturbating himself or a person masturbating him. But there was NO masturbating at all. And if you think, a horse cannot masturbate himself.... keep looking at the movies here on this site. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    How is it possible to be close to such a wonderful cock without sucking it and fucking it into a willing hole - Horse Cock is beautiful.

    horbot, posted

    well, reach in there and give him a hand, motherfucker.

    tonktaf, posted

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