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    Wild Dog Sex


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    Dogs caught having sex outdoors

    Uploaded by sexxo · Rating: 1.9 (52 votes) · 10138 views


    bad quality pls delete

    yami4, posted

    everybody wanna fuck lol:

    jesuso, posted

    Poor camera work. Poor quality of filming. No sex. Just two dogs knotted and people watching them.

    daja5956, posted

    It's not "wild sex", this is post-coital!

    klever70, posted

    well, the male dog lifts one leg over the females back after the knot and they stand butt to butt until the swelling goes down.

    mustanggirl, posted

    wow backwards knot very funny

    yort159, posted

    Although the title says it is wild dog mating, all we get is the tie. It is still mating but not what you would expect. The video is moving around alot but I can watch it. The angle this is filmed at is mostly above with no eye level or ground level views to make it more interesting. This is one of the more average video's you can find anywhere though and it's one of the drawbacks. Some advice I can give would be to get closer and film or get some above average shots of the mating. Even another angle would increase how this would have turned out.

    david3985, posted
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