• crazy-dog

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    Please let the dog fuck the horse. The dog is a Newfi right? ;)

    peterspole, posted

    dog looked like he was thinking of going for second base - that would be awsome to see a dog mate a horse!

    udpets, posted

    Very rare material but it's an older clip

    Blushing, posted

    Should´ve let the dog fuck the horse :D

    MoonWolfMats, posted

    Can I take the dog's place???

    PalmSpngsPetSex, posted

    I bet she'll feel that tomorrow!

    aaalll, posted

    I swear these are some of the worst vids on the planet. Why didnt you open up the pussy and let the dog have at it??!! So frustating how lame some of these vids are.

    derrick234, posted

    isn´t it Men and Animals???

    GogoCatteneo, posted

    Dog knew what it wanted. Let's see the man jerk off.

    NotYet, posted

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    Very rare that you see this kind of action going on around the barn heh, i used to own a pony and i used to love to have it lick me everywhere and everytime i love the part where he introduces his dick to the dog and she loves it and much as the pony does i would like to have this go on in my barn and a nice pony vag to wish he would have a cumshot so we could see it go on her face and the ponys vag eitherway this video is the best thing i have seen in barnlove since i joined!

    Geahn, posted

    This video is nice, subtle and hot. That dog loves to lick the anal hole, you can tell how content it is with it due to it's lack of refusal. He/She knows exactly what to do. I love how this dog just goes at it with the pony's ass. I would love the dog to do me like that. I recommended this video to everyone in my contacts and they loved it. A dog like that has great talent. The owner must have trained his/her dog since it was a pup. I have often felt the Ecstasy of my own dog licking my tight pussy. He absolutely loves it.

    ShieiMei, posted
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