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    Horse Erection


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    Pretty nice vid that I don't thinks been posted yet

    Uploaded by jollyone · Rating: 4.3 (57 votes) · 27310 views


    i like what i see here nice horse cock love it

    Dogfucklover90, posted

    theres just somthing about watching it slowly grow like that that really turns me on.

    Ragnor, posted

    Very well, its very nice.

    klever70, posted

    reminds me of uncle teddy

    horseryder, posted

    yeah.. I would love to jerk and suck that...

    k9cock, posted

    Its very nice....

    zebra900, posted

    I want to let that wonderful cock slip down my throat as it drops - then fuck it up my desperate ass and feel it flair up me. I need it so bad - can you help - horbot@ntlworld.com

    horbot, posted


    NinjunEX, posted

    Its been posted.

    Tab, posted
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