• Big dog knot a little bitch

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    nice rottweiler

    Southboy89, posted

    lol, small guy did have high hopes.. small white boy on a big black bitch... stereotype much?

    manbird, posted


    nada123, posted

    I think, some stupid shit didn't listen to the woman, who said wich one was the boy and which one the girl. desimator900 + Ledorio did and they know. And they DID catch them dogs in the beginning. Even helped them. 'Cause without help, the little weinerdog could never have fucked the big rotweiler. And those little weinerdogs have quite an impressive dick and knot. A girl told me, who had one and always tollk him to bed with her. animalpsycologist.

    cleclego, posted

    too bad they didn't catch them in the begining

    linkinpark13, posted

    Well, ya gotta hand it to the little guy-- he had some pretty grand ambitions, and he pulled 'em off..... LOL.

    neandernitz, posted

    awww. I bet this makes the cutest puppies. I saw a Great Dane/Basset Hound mix once. so cute.

    Sora_Mea, posted

    Funny how dumb some of you are, if you have any kind of listening skill, you could hear that the weiner dog was the male, and rot was the female.

    desimator900, posted

    Talk about having the man by the balls. Sheesh. It's a girls way no matter the species.

    derrick234, posted

    Would love to have seen them fucking before they knotted .. hot big dog on small .. bet her hole hole is stretched to fuck !!

    lazarusheights, posted

    little dog knot big bitch

    Ledorio, posted

    beautiful dogs i want a puppy

    winterdreams, posted


    manik, posted

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    A very nice video of a small male Daschund knotted to a female Rottie. Though the video title state's a large male tied to a small female, if you watch it it's clear to see that the small one is in fact the male. Though very fact that the small male even knotted her is great. Though though the entire clip he's hanging from her it's obvious the both of them are highly enjoying it, the male especially. Though they don't have the actual mating it still is a great video, so a well deserved ten out of ten from me.

    hyoni5150, posted
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