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    Stallion And Donkey


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    Stallion and donkey breeding

    Uploaded by darkd6 · Rating: 4.1 (103 votes) · 23363 views


    Farting was sound effects lol

    andredude101, posted

    i love it i want horse or pony do me or donkey me text me if anyone in illnois ~~~ please i can take it

    SexlyHyena, posted

    1:00 LOLOLOLOL

    ddevon, posted

    1:00 ... wrong hole

    ryantee1982, posted

    @crisiswolf: Yes you're right. All of the versions of this movie, if you look closely frame-by-frame, the close-up is a pony with a flaxen tail. I guess the close shots didn't show much, her pussy would have been stretched to a thin line. They edited in a clip when they finished the movie. Even so, it's dark and hard to see him in her.

    2deep2tight2bad, posted

    OMG!!! It's very hot and sexy! I would fuck this stallion and donkey!

    sexyhuskysexy, posted

    Wow & wow!!

    sana23, posted

    did anyone notice that for the pull out shot the donkey turned into a horse then back into a donkey for the far off shot? How can you tell? The donkey suddenly had a horse tail.

    crisiswolf, posted

    thnkyou tankyuo

    saheer, posted

    wow... awesome video, i never seen 2 male having anal sex in this way before, lucky male donkey... that stallion fucks his ass hard and cum loads inside him.

    LordKrovax, posted

    the best horse breeding I ever saw

    germandad61, posted

    holy shit thats the best thing ive ever seen in my life!!

    jibberish6669, posted

    that was really hot.

    newtonsk, posted

    love it when animals do anal :D

    tha_kill, posted

    thats i find that so fucking hot i came instantly.

    k9doglover, posted

    great clip

    animal38, posted

    nice farting sounds!

    doggyass, posted
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