• donkey and mare

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    hehe, funny. I wonder how the put the condom on the dude. And hard to believe, where could one find condoms in donkey size :=)

    pan_66, posted

    wish he would fuck me hard like that

    Cartli, posted

    Will he breed my ass like that? What an incrediable cock!

    studserver, posted

    I wanna fuck and suck that dick !!!mmm

    coapaking, posted

    Great fuck shot...but why waste that spunk?!

    dad4doguk, posted

    try with huge stallion plz !!

    bide777, posted

    Great vid but why let all that donkey spunk to waste on the ground? I`d have slurped it up

    dad4doguk, posted

    awsome,by far the best turnon i have seen,get moreof this to see,oh my god!!

    aldonatto, posted

    Let me drink all this cum *-*

    Larissa_slave, posted

    Gosh, I would love a donkey condom filled with fresh donkey semen to drink. An you collect some fo rme and send it to me in insulated soup continer. I will pay for shipping and donate $25.00 for your effort. Yummy I got your donkey in my stomach, hopefully! Bodacious9@gmail.com is you are interested in sending me the spooge. Cheers, BoDog

    bodacious9, posted

    safer donkey!

    doggyass, posted

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