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    Dog Sex Compilation


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    Compilation of clips of dogs mating, including labs, danes, and other breeds. (Low Quality)

    Uploaded by MD_beasttube · Rating: 3.6 (24 votes) · 21776 views


    Actually first time bitches should be watched carefully, she may hurt the male if she struggles or even get hurt herself. Any and all matings should be done in a controlled enviroment. Too many things could go wrong.

    Wolfiekrum, posted

    nice doggie fuck!

    Prasak, posted

    Sorry for any feelings I may create here but: I hate when people hold the bitch. That IS rape. If she dont want it then she dont need it. Doesn't look too forced here but I feel people need to leave them be during mating. Please dont judge, remember what this site is and what type of person I am to be on it. I Love pets. :)

    Pet_Lover1987, posted
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