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    German Shepherd Jack Off


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    Man jacking off a large German Shepherd

    Uploaded by Grimm69 · Rating: 4.0 (127 votes) · 25003 views


    That dog has gotten lazy :( didn't even thrust at all.

    wolffucker69, posted

    lucky dog

    SamBadger, posted

    ugh this video makes me feel like IM the one in heat. I would love to have that thick dog cock in me, knot n all.

    saardog, posted

    im gay and i wish i had a man or animal to pump my 16 year old virgin ass. I would do anything you want. Id let you get friends and gangbang me, suck you and your animal off, let you piss and cum up my ass, suck you off while an animals fucking me, eat the cum from your ass after an animal fucks it, but i realy want someone or something to piss and cum in me please. if you like these message me,im in aberdeen washington and if you can come to me or if you live very close i will show you and your animals the best time you will ever have.

    piggybob121, posted

    i need help can anyone tell me how to fuck my dog

    bobmmm, posted

    damn i would love to suck that awesome cock!! Anyone in northern italy?

    wolfen-geist, posted

    I want that inside me!!!

    walkerbr, posted

    I wanna suck that juicy cock and swallow his hot cum!

    papaluigi, posted

    very tasty looking would have love to swallow that

    Gutterboy, posted

    sweet looking dick cum over n visit me sometime and fuck me

    chubbyladie, posted

    wow nice cock

    dumueller, posted

    Now that's a cock in need of a sucking, would be glad to do the job. I just love the look of dog cock, makes my mouth so watery.

    LWJII, posted

    I try to get my dog out and he never does or he gets a knot inside him

    bmx16125, posted

    I am looking to jerk and suck-off well-hung dogs and horses for the first time. I am also seriously considering getting fucked snd/or "losing my virginity" to a good pet! If you live near the Mid-Canada area and can possibly help me, please contact me asap!

    1seximama, posted

    Dog's have such awesome looking dicks, all wet and slippery and hard! ^_^

    kitten2, posted

    •Aluzky• Hmmm yummmy cock, wish the video had sound :/

    Yesilovedogs, posted

    i love a beautiful full erect penis

    mmandycd, posted

    Great vid. Guy here looking for other guys in Montana, Dakotas, Wyoming for chat, meeting up. Message me.

    karw828, posted

    nice cock i love GSD

    ilovedogs24, posted

    How many times can your dog orgasm b4 giving up?

    lolercopter345, posted

    Härligt att se sperman komma ur hunkuken, runkar gärna av den där hunden!

    larby, posted


    thescottsman, posted

    Ready... Set... Troll! Ewww... Um that's fucking disgusting.

    artickrill, posted

    looking to lose my animal virginity, can anyone help? I am located near syracuse ny

    lurch33, posted

    i whant that hawt cock in my mouth and ass Mrawrrrr

    spankyzz, posted

    Hot how it grew bigger in his hand :-P

    k9boy3, posted

    Oh ich wil hunde pimel blasen

    raphael33, posted

    Put your mouth on it next time!!

    Kbottom9, posted


    shane101, posted

    beautiful, absolutely beautiful. this is exactly what i need.

    concave_scream, posted

    fuck i want to suck and drink, and be fucked by that beautiful dog cock,.... i want it all!

    nytro, posted


    tiger123, posted

    lovely and sooooo suckable

    slavetok9, posted

    nice cock

    ponystosser, posted

    The owner of this beautiful German Shepherd boasts the dog's penis to the audience. He begins by unsheathing the canine and taking hold behind his knot. The dog's penis grows over the course of the video, squirting precum on the floor, until the dog turns and positions his penis behind him in the tied position, where the video ultimately comes to a close as it details the dog's erect penis. The video showcases the dog's genitals from only a couple angles but gives the viewer a good sense of the dog's penis through its duration by remaining focused on the delicious member throughout the entire clip.

    nightstik3, posted
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