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    Hot Mare


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    Hot mare looking for some loving

    Uploaded by knarfie · Rating: 4.5 (110 votes) · 46852 views


    So sexy! I love seeing her squirt like that. No wonder I'm back again!

    RidersField, posted

    sweet mare juice you mean piss go ahead lick it up, not going anywhere near you drinking that, ill fuck her though

    robertBruce, posted

    i would drink every drop of her sweet love juice

    ericcire01, posted

    Very nice. Well done!!!

    RidersField, posted

    I know how mares feel... just one look at a stallion dick and I start winking my clit and cunt too...haha!

    marylasher122, posted

    nice pussy, would love to lick eat

    crazygirlone, posted

    I can give her what she wants, damn! how does everyone get so lucky? I can never get with a mare. Anyone in DE thatll share?

    reddgunn, posted

    det var en vacker märrfitta det hade varit skönt att få knulla iden

    CHOOSE, posted

    Poor gal is desperate! Hope you gave her what she wanted ;)

    lolnoob1337, posted

    fuck poo

    reyua2007, posted

    I'm outta here!!

    blacklash, posted

    Begging for a hard cock!

    minniecat, posted

    Dog Cumming

    love_1a1, posted

    ikr sexy as hell

    raydog4life, posted

    oh my god!! can i please come see your mare? anyone?

    bbdog999, posted

    thats fucking hot

    gh54wasea, posted

    nice pussy!!

    bbdog999, posted

    she sure wants some cock

    sov90, posted

    hmm, i love a mare that leaks that hot pussy juice..... i once fucked a mare that kept spraying her hot juice on my cock, and i still fuck her on a regular basis

    RainingBlood, posted


    lengxiao, posted

    I want to fuck that hot Cunt

    yeudoiman, posted

    yummm yummm yummm!!! Would like to eat that soft juicy mare pussy!!

    DeerHunter, posted

    I am still a virgin, and would so ease that tension.

    Ilovemarepussy1, posted

    That sounds so beautiful. That poor little cunt wants some cock in it so bad. Damn I wish i was there to stuff her and ease her tension.

    derrick234, posted

    ohhhh .... my beautiful little mare .... how i would love to helpyou ease that sexual tension ...... oooooooooooohhhhh .... i would love it

    scottdog101, posted

    Oh my dear mare, I would give you my love, every bit of it, and love to play with that hot pussy.

    stableboy1962, posted

    fine i love how the pussy just stand a little open so you can just stare for hours and hours into that beuitiful hole until you would just slam her fussy really hard i would love to cum inside her shes so fucking hot this really gave me hard and it was a big pleasue to do it to this movie man i just love it so much i would spend a whole day just standing and slamming my dick in and out of her and then finish by eat her out and then take another round all over again

    chrisser, posted

    Nice hot mare. The guy gets the video right when its taking a piss. I wish I was there to lick it up. He gets a sweet close up of the vag. There are some great shots of the clit after it pisses. You can see the clit coming in and out of the vaina, but camera doesn't keep a steady shot. The picture is shaky and keeps moving around. It reminds me of my first mare. I spent a weekend at a relatives farm and the had a mare that looked just like this one. It was just asking for it.

    beastlyboy25, posted
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