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    Uploaded by tubamaster · Rating: 4.4 (256 votes) · 33812 views


    There is a video where he gets it in somewhere on the site. Love the sound of that cum squirting. Mmmmm!

    misscbezzy, posted

    Wat een geile stal!

    fens, posted

    Ng steeds het geilste fragment met dat gespetter en dik wordende kop! Hrrrr!

    fens, posted

    stupid miss

    qhuma4321, posted

    Suche im Raum Bayern/Tirol gleichgesinnte Tierhalter und Bauern. Bin 24, habe 19*5,5, große Eier mit viel Saft und bin für alles offen. Meldet euch.

    chang1, posted

    what I wouldnt give to suck off a donkey or a horse and take a mouthfull of cum

    DarkDawg, posted

    If any of you guys want an 18 year old guy to chat dirty with and dominate please send me a PM. I want to be your and your pets cum dump ;)

    KLK_95, posted

    Wish I could find more legit videos like this. Damn! Bout time this site had anything good, normally I have to go to gaybeast.

    furryartist92, posted

    fatakat37@yahoo.com my name samy i love hot sex you noww send me noww

    samyalii, posted

    this is part of the HOTTEST video I have ever seen with donkey #1 fucking the ass of male donkey#2 and donkey #2 turning and smilling donke # i's cock afer he had been fucked in the ass with that cock. FUCKING AWESOMEthat to two knew what they were dioing!!!!!

    sidhorny, posted

    this vid is so hot! made me cum so many times! really wish to be there!

    hlousekmanas, posted

    Would love to have him cum down my throat. That was such a hot cum shot, made my mouth watery.

    LWJII, posted

    i wish to be the one in the front

    fens, posted

    what is coming out of his cock

    TheDe292, posted

    Male bisexual looking to chat and maybe trade pics ^_^ Feeling very horny will tell age through message, would love it if people messaged me, hope to see you soon ;)

    young_one_65, posted

    the camera man should help them

    hefadog77, posted

    i wish there is a man in melbourne fl. willing 2 let me be his bitch 4 him & his dog. & take both of thier loads & the dogs knot.

    boatman6969, posted

    Would love to have him shot that hot load down my throat.

    LWJII, posted

    God u want that stallion to fuck me so bad id let both of then sinj there cocks deep in me!!

    horselover192, posted

    Wish I could taste his juice...

    HeikkiIlmari, posted

    Mmmmm so wish i was in the middle of tgese two studs?!! Having one fuck me deep while i eat out the others ass!!!! God what id give to be there!!!

    horselover192, posted

    ja ober geil... mmmmmm =)

    master_20, posted

    [28.06.2011-02:50] Geil wie der abgespritzt hat ! -Zwar nur genitale Apposition - dennoch geil !-

    PetOlli, posted

    c ben hot sa!

    Sampik, posted

    oh someone please lubricate that ass!

    waffa, posted

    you should hav at least help the poor donkey to ent his cock ummm

    jky12, posted

    im 14 male i live in williamstwon nj message me if u wanna burst my cherry ^^

    zengestu5, posted

    He should've guided him in. I wish there was more vids of donkeys and horsescumming.

    werewolffuck, posted

    c cool

    Sampik, posted

    Beautiful cock and great cum shot.

    birich, posted

    @ doobles-- yeah, a male donkey has only a microscopic pussy. No wonder it wouldn't go in. I really wish he had sunk that in though (like everyone else probably). maybe if he wasn't so flared up yet it would have gone into the other male donkey's ass.

    tonktaf, posted

    the mare donkey pussy was so small but i m happy for the donkey he had a good time

    doobles, posted

    this is the hottest vid! I have cum so many times to this too!

    sweetlips11, posted

    There's a clip later on in the video that I have where the donkey wanting to give it to the other donkey actually gets inside. You think this is hott? You should see later on in the vid. Came to that so many times now.

    chojiro_cobra, posted

    came @ the same time as he

    andc, posted

    next time give him little help he the need it

    hellsing25, posted

    that must feel amazing inside you!

    HerpaDurpa, posted

    WoW super geil das video

    raphael33, posted

    look how wet the other one's ass looks!

    sandra23perv, posted

    poor bttm didnt get anything out of it!

    lopin78, posted

    aww he missed

    Kbottom9, posted

    WOW sexy

    raphael33, posted


    wglispy, posted

    the horniest vid known to man

    andc, posted


    manut888, posted

    the one donkey was just waiting to take it.

    foxfreak, posted

    I would have pulled that cock to the side as he mounted the other donkey, bent over and slip it into my eager hole - mmmmmm, big flair and lots of hot cum.

    horbot, posted

    Swing and a miss!

    Frostbite, posted

    A male donkey tries to fuck another male donkey. He leaks a bunch of cum as his dick shrinks from his first attempt at shoving his cock up the other donkey's butt. His shaft hardens again as he sniffs the others donkey's sheath. They walk around a bit then he jumps up and tries to stick his big cock up the other donkey's anus again. He shoots lots of precum as he is trying to mount. The end of his cock bends as he attempts to get his large flare up the donkey's ass. He never succeeds at fucking his ass. Instead he rubs his cock against the other donkey's balls until he shoots his load. Nice close up view of how large his flare is and of him dropping his load between the other donkey's legs. Then the cameraman squeezes and strokes the last few drops of cum from his tube.

    meself, posted

    A Donkey tries to mount another and while he doesn't exactly succeed, he gets enough friction and close to anal action to get him self off. He keeps trying to mount her over and over and keeps getting so close but aims a little high. It's so fucking hot when he almost has anal, but in the end the heavy petting was enough to get him off. Love the Flare shots at the end. Though it was creepy as hell when the flare started to shrink and looked like it shriveled up at the end. Would love to have that donkey take a whack at me.

    nefertiti213, posted

    Two hory male donkeys have a little barnyard fun.Start out with one trying his best to fuck the other.No success so he keeps trying and trying again and again.Still he does not get it in.At one point is is so ready he starts to cum and He ain't even in anything.This fellow must have not been getting much at all.But look how the other donkey is waiting to get nailed no doubt this guy love to get fuck.I guess he will have to wait next time to get screwed.At the end of this clip he still has not fuck the other but he did get off a good cum shot.Even the camera man got a feel.This proves even in the animal world (When the chicks are away the Males will play)Hot video and I guess I will go watch it again you should too.

    bigdaddy77, posted
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