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    Mare Cum


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    a nice mare

    Uploaded by horseboy · Rating: 4.5 (256 votes) · 67652 views


    what a good girl, love the winks!!!

    pdboy, posted

    OMG I want to do that. :D

    FirstHorse7, posted

    I'd love o be eating that pussy!

    lonewolfricky, posted

    This is better than stallion fuck.

    Whitehorse06, posted

    en varm och fucktig stofitta synd att man inte fick vara med och pilla lite i den

    A-Z07, posted

    Very nice. I indeed enjoyed watching that. Thanks for sharing.

    RidersField, posted

    So fucking nice pussy! I need this juice =D

    pdoce, posted

    nice cunt there, i m next. Please?

    reddgunn, posted

    Thanks for warming her up.... now let me in!

    gstud1971, posted

    sehr geil

    SeriousSam115, posted

    very nice

    owncore, posted

    one of the best

    00016, posted

    I wish I knew his technique cause I'd have my mouth down by my hand with every cute mare I crossed! :-)

    Furandbone, posted

    Wow. I'm so jelly.

    xscrubx, posted

    very nice

    wildcat007, posted

    is prohibited to fuck horse in america????

    crka1, posted

    Great video! I can feel my cock in her lovely tight pussy! thanks for sharing! please make more! :)

    south2, posted

    Dam she is so HOT!!!!! My question is why use your finger? Man use ur dick. Id fuck that pussy. Over and over and over. WOOOOOOW Shes a very good winker i bet her volva would give my nut sack a good licking and a nice massage. Lots of sweet mare juice. And her moaning just took me over the top. Do you have any more and dont forget about the stallions. Thanks!!!!!!!

    68pony, posted

    Dam she is so HOT!!!!! My question is why use your finger? Man use ur dick. Id fuck that pussy. Over and over and over.

    68pony, posted

    Mm, that was so hot. Got me hard as fuck, need to watch that again.

    MareFucker21, posted

    fantasticcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc i like it so much hot and great mare id like to have her to give her my dick deeper

    jems_8, posted

    amazing video!!! My cock is hard to fuck this mare!!

    talesman, posted

    amazing video!!! My cock is hard to fuck this mare!!

    talesman, posted

    This is the best video on here!!! I keep cumming back to it!!

    Incubus69, posted

    WoW geil wie die sau spritzt Mmmmmmmmh läcker

    raphael33, posted

    Another proof of how horny mares really are: she just can't get enough. They're so incredibly slutty!

    marewizard, posted

    Awesome! :D

    Meeeowwwwww, posted

    Fucking hot Man, thank's for the hot post. You sure taught me something, I never knew a Mare could get off just fingering her cunt, I've been fucking my mare for 6 years but never made her cum, I'd love to get here off. Send me an e-mail and tell me how you do that. farmerchuck63@hotmail.com

    chucksmith, posted

    WOW ! Awesome vid with nice sounds. Thank´s a lot for sharing.

    jopo66, posted

    I can just taste her cunt.

    beastluv99, posted


    madmoose, posted

    Oh wow,.she is really hot!!! Now I have a tent in my pants..lol

    Malamut666, posted

    wow..wht a cum..

    rasik2, posted

    Hot cunt, nice and wet

    faberge1956, posted

    uwbgwwqoqbwxdknswbassdkjjbhvb;lkbklv klv ,kvjk,v ,m m m kjbvn vkj mvug fxf cuycccv kju ih u yfuo ugc ugj.k tfuguiilhgjkv uojhgcj ojgkvkj, uug lui llihiuolihgiuk

    palomomojas, posted

    Oh my god. I came a little just watching. My mare is away now. :(

    ILuvMattie, posted

    I would have like to put my cock in there and give her a bit more cum

    Western_Biguy, posted

    Nicely done! My mare will squirt that way too, it just takes longer. On the next one, try to frame it a little better, I really like seeing your hand in her twat. Good stuff! Nice post.

    2horse, posted

    Wow he actually has the mare cumming. Great movie.

    wilsoncreekman, posted

    sexy mare

    doggyass, posted

    awesome stuff!!!!!!!

    juniorgb, posted

    ( this my own personal experience )I was raised on a farm, It was springtime, Birds singing, The fragrant smell of flowers & bees buzzing, We had a cute welsh mare named "Ginger" with a blonde flaxen mane and tail, I was out at the barn collecting chicken eggs, When "Ginger" walsed in, Her tail riding high in the air, She wheeled her big ass around to me squatted and peed right in front of me, Her pussy was just a winking ! I got down on my knees to get a closer look, And to brace myself, I put my hands on each side of her ass, She spread her back legs apart and waived her silky blonde tail high in the air, Her pussy kept winking, I got closer to her pussy and sniffed deeply, The aroma was overwhelming ! My dick got hard without even touching it ! I was wearing swimming trunks, My bulge was straining hard against the fabric, I could take it no longer ! I slipped them off and tried to slip all 8 inches in her, But it wouldn't go in ! She was very patient though, I spit in my hand and lubed up, Then it slipped right in ! I could feel her vulva kissing my balls ! Her silky pussy felt soo luxurious ! I pumped slowly at first, But the need was urgent ! She squealed with pleasure ! Over and over ! Grunting and squealing ! Her pussy farted gripping my man hood, I came deep inside her, She looked back at me in wonderment, She was a virgin. We spent many an afternoon screwing in the barn, I once licked her clit until she came in my face ! My first taste of mare pussy juice ! I have been hooked ever since !

    rickpink, posted

    wow she loved that finger in her, just hear her groaning and moaning and her clitoris winking away. great camera work good detail and A great mare she is calm and willing to stand and enjoy her bliss and when her orgasim came jucies aplenty, could of been longer video and could of shown what the mares facial expressions were, and why just the finger why not the whole forearm or some clitoris stimulation? in all 8/10 for over all presentation 7/10 for video length and 10/10 for a beautiful mare enjoying her human companions tender understanding of her need and desires and lets hope she is satisfied. a great fun flick

    blackstallion12, posted
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